Zoetis program funds FFA, veterinary education

Zoetis program funds FFA, veterinary education

Future leaders in agriculture receive $1.5 million-plus in support thanks to Zoetis customers

Students involved with FFA, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Foundation and the American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation will once again benefit from the 2015 Zoetis Industry Support Program, which raised $1.5 million this year.

Through the support of veterinarians, animal health suppliers and dealer customers, the Industry Support Program provides support and resources for the future leaders in agriculture. Since 2008, thousands of FFA chapters and several deserving veterinary students have been selected to receive support from the program.

Zoetis program generates funding for students studying veterinary medicine and FFA chapters

"The Zoetis Industry Support Program allows us a unique opportunity to work with our customers to help advance and give back to the future of the industry," said Jon Lowe, vice president, U.S. Cattle and Equine, Zoetis. "Together, we are able to provide continued support to future agricultural and veterinary leaders and learning experiences they otherwise might not have access to."

Through the program, customers can allocate a portion of their sales from eligible purchases of Zoetis cattle and equine products to local FFA chapters, AABP or AAEP foundations to fund veterinary student scholarships or the three organizations.

Alex Beck and Lauren Mundy, DVM, are recipients of AABP and AABP foundation scholarships made possible by Zoetis' program.

"The scholarship enabled me to pursue advanced training courses," said Beck, a veterinary student at Washington State University. "I also plan to travel to several veterinary clinics over the course of my clinical year to better understand the diversity of bovine practice. These opportunities are invaluable for future veterinarians."

Dr. Mundy said this program provides funds that help make the transition into the profession easier. 

"Student veterinarians are the future of the profession," said Mundy, AAEP scholarship recipient. "Giving back helps the veterinary industry advance and ensures the next generation is in a strong position to lead."

For more information on the Zoetis Industry Support Program, please contact your local Zoetis representative.

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