Vermeer Launches New Mower-Conditioners

Vermeer Launches New Mower-Conditioners

Building on proven features, company launches three new models for the mower conditioner line at the National Farm Machinery Show.

The rise of the trailed mower-conditioner has brought enhanced productivity and quality feed-making to the forage industry. For 2014, Vermeer is launching three new mower conditioners that build on the company's history with the line. The three new models retain key innovations, but add new features to push up the competitive bar for the market. The new models were rolled out at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show and each as the all-new Q3 Cutter Bar.

CLEAN LINES: One visible innovation for the new Vermeer mower-conditioner line is the use of a nitrogen-accumulator for consistent down-force - no more springs.

The three models include the MC2800 with a  9-ft. cutting width; the MC3300 at 10.5-ft.; and the MC3700 at 12.-ft. The cutter bar on these new machines keeps proven technology like the Quick-Clip Blade Retention System that allows for quick blade turnovers, or changes. The Quick-Change Sheer Ring offers simpler maintenance, and is designed to protect disks yet offer fast return to cutting if you hit an obstruction.

And a closer look at this machine shows there are no springs. Consistent down-force for efficient cutting comes from a nitrogen-charged accumulator suspension system which provides even ground contact and a more consistent cut. You can choose either a roller conditioner or a v-tine setup.

The steel roller conditioner can be set for a range of levels from gentle for critical forage crops to more aggressive for tougher crops that need added attention. The tine conditioner has free-swinging steel v-tines. An adjustable concave plate and two speed settings allow you to set the conditioning level.

Operators also have multiple swath adjustment options for complete control over windrow formation as well - whether you want a narrow row to go right into a baler, or a wide swath for faster drying, the new Vermeer line can fill the need. Check out the Vermeer mower-conditioner line

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