Tackle brush with new grapple

Tackle brush with new grapple

The Berlon Industries root and brush grapple works with skid steers, loaders and compact tractors.

Clearing debris on the farm is getting easier with new tools like the Berlon Industries new Root and Bush Grapple. The new attachment is heavy duty with 3/4-inch tines that can dig out roots and brush as well as small trees. Tines are spaced 9-inches apart allowing unwanted debris to fall through. Tines are supported by two 1-1/4-inch sold round bars.

The new Root and Brush Grapple comes standard with a universal mounting plate. The company also offers Euro-style and other mounds too. The grapple is available in 72-, 78- and 84-inch widths. The unit is called the Root and Brush Grapple Modle RG. It is sold through Berlon dealers in the Midwest and Upper Plains, and is also available online.

The Berlon Root and Brush Grapple Model RG is designed to help keep fence and tree lines clear, and it's suited to root out brush and small trees.

The company also offers a line of buckets and attachments for a variety of uses - each designed for rugged use and long life. You can learn more about the products available by calling 800-899-3580 or visit berlon.com

Source: Berlon Industries

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