Rate controller designed for manure spreaders

Rate controller designed for manure spreaders

Digi-Star rolls out the NT-8000i control system for precision application of important crop nutrient.

The new NT-8000i rate control system from Digi-Star is designed for manure spreaders. The NT-8000i is a weight based system which can vary the unloading rate in proportion to equipment ground speed.

The product is a closed-loop system designed to provide precision guidance and prescription-based control of the spreading rate in hydraulically driven apron floor systems on manure spreaders using data collected and evaluated in real time.

Digi-Star NT 8000i applicator takes a lot of guess work about of precision use of different types of manure.

Jack Danner, Digi-Star, sales manager, comments in the media announcement: "The unique feature of the NT 8000i is the weight-based self-calibration and calibration-check system that continuously monitors and readjusts the calibration factor based on actual weight of the material speed. The NT 8000i system provides enhanced spreading rate accuracy when working with challenging materials of varying densities such as manure, litter or compost."

As-applied data is stored on an SD card, and the applicator is equipped with automated traceability to meet important record-keeping requirements for land owners and government agencies. They also reduce operator error and fatigue with fully automated spreader controls. Learn more by calling 920-563-1400 or visit digi-star.com.

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