Preserve bales, save plastic

Preserve bales, save plastic

Vermeer launches new in-line bale wrapper designed for livestock producers with plenty of hay to preserve.

Vermeer is adding a new inline bale wrapper to its hay and forage equipment lineup with the BW5500. The machine is designed to give large volume hay operations and custom operators faster wrapping times and more operational control.

The inline wrapping concept allows you to wrap more bales faster and use less plastic too. Josh Vrieze, product manager, comments in a media statement: "As you increase the number of bales wrapped each year, producers should consider moving from an individual wrapper to an inline wrapper. Not only can you wrap bales faster…but larger operations also save on plastic."

The new BW5500 inline bale wrapper from Vermeer offers producers with plenty of feed to preserve a system that is efficient and can save plastic.

The BW5500 has a digital controller allowing the operator to set the desired amount of wraps on bales by adjusting hydraulic flow automatically to provide the right amount of warp is used. The LCD screen allows you to track data and determine the total number of bales wrapped. The machine has three 30-inch pre-stretchers, compared to two pre-stretchers on competitive models, which provides for faster wrapping. A soft start feature progressively starts the movement of the hoop, reducing machine weir and limits the potential for plastic film to tear on startup. And there's an optional remote control.

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Source: Vermeer

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