Parentage testing explained in video

Parentage testing explained in video

Marriage of genomic testing and expected progeny differences improves young beef animal accuracy. (Video)

This post was first published on June 28, 2011. It was updated in January, 2015, to include related information.

The joining of Pfizer (now Zoetis) Animal Genetics’ genomic testing and the expected progeny differences data of Angus Genetics Inc. offers Angus producers tools they never had before.

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In this video, Dr. Kent Andersen of Zoetis Genetics talks about the new testing. He also gives an example how one producer used parentage testing to sort through offspring based on the value of the feeder cattle and the fed cattle the breeding produced.

Marriage of genomic testing and expected progeny differences improves young beef animal accuracy.

He also reminds viewers that production and meat traits sometimes don’t correlate with maternal traits and he discusses how this might affect the example producer’s decisions.

He adds that parentage testing is far more powerful and far more accurate than ever before.

Blood samples sent to AGI for genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences are powered by the high density 50K platform from Zoetis Genetics, also may be used for parent verification. Also, Angus breeders can order parentage verification from Zoetis Genetics as a stand-alone test.

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Zoetis says all samples previously submitted for high-density 50K testing, including those that were tested in 2010 and authorized for released to AGI, are eligible for parentage verification. If samples are stored in the Zoetis Genetics archive from Genetic Condition or GeneSTAR testing, Angus breeders may request they are pulled for HD 50K and/or parentage testing.

HD 50K is the beef industry’s first commercially available high-density DNA panel with more than 54,000 markers and information related to 14 economically important traits including calving ease, growth and efficiency, maternal performance, carcass yield and quality.

Visit or the Zoetis Animal Genetics website for more information about parentage testing.

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