New webcast covers beef industry hot topics

New webcast covers beef industry hot topics

Purdue University teams up with BEEF Magazine to focus on long-distance education for beef producers

Purdue University and BEEF Magazine are teaming up on a new, monthly 15-minute webcast covering beef industry hot topics.

The webcast, "The Beef Roundtable," is moderated by Ron Lemenager, Purdue Extension beef specialist, and Burt Rutherford, senior editor at BEEF. Each program features expert guests from the production and business sectors.

The format encourages frank discussion of issues, Lemenager said.

"All of us, the guests and hosts, have a passion for this industry," he said. "We won't be shy about sharing our opinions, but we want the discussion to be both informative and entertaining."

Purdue University teams up with BEEF Magazine to focus on long-distance education for beef producers

The first episode, on the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry, ran in July. Guests were Kristina Butts, executive director of legislative affairs for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, and Mike Apley, professor of production medicine and clinical pharmacology at Kansas State University.

August's program focused on how the new federal Clean Water Act will affect farmers and ranchers. Guests were Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, and Steve Foglesong, owner/operator of the Black Gold Ranch and Feedlot in Astoria, Ill.

The next program in the series will address marketing strategies for beef cattle operations. It is scheduled to be posted Sept. 15.

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"The Beef Roundtable" is part of Extension's expanding efforts to reach out to producers and agribusiness professionals through digital media, said Phil Reid, distance education coordinator and producer of the webcast.

"We are keeping up with the technology," Reid said. "We are out there on the leading edge."

Lemenager records his part of the show in the Purdue animal sciences studio in West Lafayette, Ind., while Rutherford is based in Amarillo, Texas.

"The fact that we can bring Ron and Burt together digitally with guests from all over the country really demonstrates the capabilities and potential of distance education," Reid said.

All programs in the series are available for viewing on "The Beef Roundtable" website at and the BEEF Magazine website at

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