New self-powered switch offers options

New self-powered switch offers options

The Xproxy switch from Netirrigate can monitor a range of functions from gates being open to fans being shut off, and tell you what's happening remotely.

Netirrigate, the creators of WireRat, a technology for warning a farmer if copper wire has been stolen from irrigation systems has taken that base technology and created the xProxy. This is a simple, but elegant, device that allows you to know for sure when a grain bin fan is running, when an irrigation pump has shut off or a gate has been opened.

The unit's simple design relies on two wires that connect to two dry contacts. The unit is self-powered, with up to a 10-year battery life, so all you do is hook it up. The innovation comes in the cellular modem inside that allows you to link to a special phone application to monitor every xProxy linked device on your farm.

This small switch just needs two contacts to monitor a range of functions. It includes its own battery and a cell modem to report activity to a special app on your phone.

Each device has its own embedded cellular module that uses the Verizon network. And the system is priced so you don't have to add a data plan, that's included in the $549 retail price. "It made more sense for us to buy the data for this and charge the customer one fee," says Julie Upchurch, director of sales, Netirrigate. "Over the life of the unit this price covers the cost of the data."

This product is so new that as farmers put them to use, Upchurch believes they will determine a wide range of uses for the future too. Besides monitoring grain bin fans, gates and water pumps, the system can also work with temperature monitors in swine and poultry buildings. Using the app you can configure each xProxy unit for the kind of alert it will send, and more.

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