New grinder mixer ready for market

New grinder mixer ready for market

Art's Way Manufacturing introduces new 6140 Grinder Mixer with a range of new features.

When it comes to feed-making a grinder-mixer is a useful tool, and Art's Way is rolling out a new model - the 6140 Grinder Mixer. The new machine features a 140-bushels tank and offers producers a useful way to grind feed rations. The 6140 features an extra-large capacity tank and 72 hardened 4-way reversible hammers for a high-speed, consistent and uniform grind. The 20-inch hammermill operates using a 540 rpm PTO powered by tractors ranging from 50 to 120 hp.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the new 6140 offers more capacity and plenty of hydraulic power.

Self-contained hydraulics provide smooth operation and maximum power to the auger feeder and the unload auger. A 36-gallon oil reservoir dissipates heat, decreasing fluid temperatures to maximize tractor horsepower. Tractor hydraulics provide lift and are used to swing the unloading auger into place for discharge. With a standing reach of 60-degrees and a minimum height of 16-feet, the unloading auger can fill taller storage bins.

Says Brian Rawson, director of sales, Art's Way Manufacturing: "Producers were looking for an option to grind and mix feed in a larger capacity tank than the 6105 model, and still have the hydraulic power system of the top of the line Art’s Way 6530 Grinder Mixer.  This unit provides an excellent option – a perfect combination of power and capacity."

Learn more about the new 6140 Grinder Mixer by calling 712/864-3131 or visit

Source: Art's Way Manufacturing

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