New forage field guide available soon from Purdue

Forage Field Guide includes information on seeding forage grasses and hay storage

Purdue University has updated its 2010 Forage Field Guide to include new hay storage and enhanced photographs.

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Orders are being taken now for the third edition of the Guide, which will be released in November. The Guide is published by Purdue University's Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center.

The Guide has a section showing producers how to adjust the bulk-seeding rate for forage grasses based on the purity and germination rate of the seed they are using, and also includes more photos in the forage, insect and weed sections.

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"The Forage Field Guide is a compilation of useful information that can help producers improve the productivity and efficiency of their forage enterprise," said Keith Johnson, Purdue Extension forage specialist and professor of agronomy. "It has value for forage growers with any size farm."

Single copies are $9 each.

Organizations can order copies of the guide with their logo or other information on the cover.

To order custom copies, contact Kevin Leigh Smith at [email protected] by Sept. 28.

To reserve a guide without a custom cover, call The Education Store 888-EXT-INFO (888-398-4636) ext. 46794.

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