New Campaign Announced to Promote Farmland Movie

New Campaign Announced to Promote Farmland Movie

U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance launches fundraising effort at Farm Progress Show

In 2014, the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance partnered with award-winning director James Moll to produce a feature length documentary called Farmland. The movie has been showing in theaters, but USFRA feels there is a need to have even more dialogue with consumers and is looking for support at the grassroots level, says Randy Krotz, CEO.

To expand dialogue, Krotz announced the I Am Farmland campaign, which is designed to give the ag community a way to help give more people the opportunity to see an authentic portrayal of the lives and jobs of real farmers and ranchers in America.

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U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance launches fundraising effort at Farm Progress Show. (Farmland photo)

I Am Farmland is a group of friends of the film working to reach broader audiences and achieve a wider distribution of the film. "Contributions will be used to have the film on college campuses and in high school classrooms," says Krotz.  They are accepting contributions in any amount. "One hundred percent of the contributions will be used to distribute the film.

"It really not as much about the money as we want grassroots farmers and ranchers to support this film," adds Krotz. "Numbers of farmers supporting the film is key."

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USFRA has experienced a significant amount of positive support for the film from the public and media, but there also have been some notable film critics who have portrayed the documentary as an unrealistic view of modern agriculture. The positioned the documentary as supporting "Big Ag" versus a film about the people who grow and raise food.

"We want to continue the energy of "Farmland" by giving more Americans the opportunity to watch the film and see for themselves how this is an accurate and realistic depiction of food and livestock production – and farmers and ranchers—in the United States."

For more information visit the I Am Farmland website.

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