New App is Weather Focused

New App is Weather Focused

Climate Corporation launches new tool for Android phones first.

Getting to basic climate information available for your phone is sometimes easy but not very personal. Climate Corporation, the weather insurance provider, has been pulling together some powerful weather tools online for some time and starting this week they're offering a mobile interface to its Climate Basic service through an Android application.

Climate Basic is a new service that can help optimize your daily decision making with up to the minute, field level current and future weather, and soil and crop growth stage information. Called CLIMATE, the program provides data-driven insights about your farm to save you time and increase profits.

AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: The new Android app from Climate Corporation helps maximize use of your customized weather data, anytime.

The app is powered by the Climate Technology Platform from Climate Corporation designed to ensure that farmers get the most accurate, localized and timely data about what matters most on their fields.

Features include:

* Weather, soil and crop data at a field level and updated in real time.

* Improves production decisions by offering a central location for key information.

* Easy access to check fields to determine if they'll be workable in the coming hours or days to make fieldwork more efficient.

* Online tracking and scouting tools.

First you have to create an account at Climate Basic, then download the CLIMATE app from the Google Play Store. The company reports that an iOS mobile app will be available in December.

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