New 12-foot no-till drill added to Great Plains line

New 12-foot no-till drill added to Great Plains line

The new 1206NT End Wheel Drill builds off success of its predecessor

Great Plains is rolling out a new 12-foot no-till drill - the 1206NT. The machine features upgraded 06 Series Openers and a new optional native grass seed box. The 1206NT can seed up to three different seeds simultaneously at different rates. The drill's fluted feed seed cups are designed to deliver a wide variety of seeds with precise depth control.

Added seed box options include a small seeds box and a fertilizer box, offering buyers a range of box combinations.

The end-wheel design improves the drill's reliability and maneuverability. With all ground-working components in line with the end wheels, openers are prevented from sideloading when working on rolling terrain and contours.

Great Plains rolls out new 12-foot no-till drill with a range of performance features.

The drill also features integrated weight brackets so you can add more pounds easily to improve penetration through heavy no-till conditions. A four-speed gearbox allows metering rates to be changed quickly and conveniently from a single location. The drill is also equipped with hydraulically adjustable coulter depth and an automatic clutch that disengages when the drill is raised.

Learn more about the Great Plains 1206NT End Wheel Drill at

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