Merck Releases Intranasal Vaccine for Bacterial Pneumonia

Merck Releases Intranasal Vaccine for Bacterial Pneumonia

Once PMH IN introduced for protection against bacterial pneumonia

Merck Animal Health this week introduced Once PMH IN, the only intranasal vaccine to deliver dual bacterial pneumonia protection in healthy beef and dairy cattle, including calves as young as 1 week of age.

The vaccine aids in the control of respiratory disease caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and in the prevention of disease caused by Pasteurella multocida – the leading causes of early-onset Bovine Respiratory Disease, Merck says.

BRD costs the U.S. cattle industry an estimated $800 million to $900 million annually in medical and treatment expense, reduced animal performance and mortality. It's also the single biggest killer of newly weaned calves, Merck reports.

FIGHTING PNEUMONIA: Once PMH IN introduced for protection against bacterial pneumonia

"The intranasal administration of Once PMH IN stimulates a strong immune response because vaccine antigens are delivered directly to mucosal surfaces in the nose – the major sites of immune response in cattle," said Rick Sibbel, D.V.M., Merck Animal Health director of beef cattle technical services.

Merck studies demonstrate young calves given an intranasal administration of Once PMH IN performed better on body temperature and weight gain measures when compared to calves given a commercial subcutaneous pasteurella vaccine.

"Calves given Once PMH IN also had a dramatically reduced inflammatory protein level response, an indicator of infection and inflammation, which can adversely affect calf performance," Sibbel explained.

Once PMH IN is a non-adjuvanted formulation with two dosing options – 1 mL applied in each nostril of the animal or a 2-mL dose delivered in one nostril. Because there is no vaccine injection site, carcass quality is not compromised.

While annual revaccination is recommended, the vaccine can be administered more frequently, depending on the farm's risk assessment or if the herd faces epidemic conditions, Merck notes. As always, consult your herd veterinarian for specific guidance.

Once PMH IN is available in 10-dose and 50-dose packages. Merck Animal Health has developed less invasive cannula and pump-its to assist with vaccine delivery, which are available through Merck Animal Health representatives or veterinarians.

Click to learn more about intranasal vaccine Once PMH IN.

Source: Merck

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