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Merck Animal Health Launches Bovine Respiratory Disease Blog

Blog provides valuable insight on bovine respiratory disease from industry specialists

Merck Animal Health recently launched a BRD-focused blog called "BRD Report: From the Fence Post."

The company says its blog is focused on raising awareness of bovine respiratory disease, as well as providing industry professionals a central resource to access information vital to prevention, treatment and management of the disease.

Merck says BRD is a health issue that costs the cattle industry nearly $800 million each year.

The new blog should help industry professionals share the wealth of knowledge about BRD and better manage this huge problem, says Rick Sibbel, DVM and director of U.S. cattle technical services for Merck.

Sibbel says experts throughout the country will provide insights and best practices about stress, nutrition, transportation, facilities management and clinical signs of disease, as well as comparative studies, relevant peer-reviewed articles and industry news. Contributing bloggers will include university researchers, nutritionists and livestock producers, as well as Merck Animal Health veterinarians.

Sibbel adds, "We hope this blog will serve as a catalyst to create greater awareness of the many facets of this significant disease."

Here's an example from an April 11 post in which Merck technical services veterinarian Eric Moore reminded beef producers that stress is a primary component of BRD susceptibility. He added: "Producers should perform a daily assessment of their cattle. By doing this, producers have a better chance of identifying a sick animal early, which is vital to the effective management of BRD. The biggest reason for treatment failure is pulling an animal too late."

In an earlier post Merck Animal Health marketing director Alex Castro said, " Throughout the years, we also have learned that some of the organisms that cause respiratory disease can also suppress the bovine immune system and cause additional diseases such as bovine viral diarrhea virus, which makes control and treatment of BRD even more challenging."

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