Massey Ferguson launches global tractor lineup

Massey Ferguson launches global tractor lineup

Three new tractor series are being introduced in the next few months ranging from 80 to 130 engine hp. First up is the 4700 lineup.

In the competitive utility and mid-range tractor segment the market is pretty much telling machinery makers to go big or go home. And in Agco's case, the answer is to go big. With a $300-plus million investment in a new factory in China, the company is rolling out it's first global tractor models. In essence, the same basic models will be sold worldwide, with only some domestic modifications made to meet specific local market needs.

"This is Agco's biggest investment in a tractor line in its history," says Warren Morris, tactical marketing manager, under 100-hp tractors. "This is a totally new from the ground up tractor line for the utility and mid-range market."

Demo'd at Sunbelt Ag Expo, the new 4700 series showed off it's workman-like skills during a compact tractor demonstration.

The models will be offered in three new series - 4700, 5700 and 6700. The 4700 had its official unveiling this week at the Sunbelt Ag Expo; the other two lines will get a first showing during Commodity Classic in New Orleans in March 2016, as part of the new AgConnect. Those models will enter the market in the third quarter of 2016. The 4700 line is shipping to dealers now.

Starting with the 4700

There are three models in the 4700 series including the 4708 at 80 engine hp; the 4709 at 90 engine hp and the 4710 at 100 engine hp. Each is powered by a 3.3-liter 3-cylinder Agco Power final tier 4 engine. The engine meets emission requirements using selective catalytic reduction and a diesel oxidation catalyst - so you're only using diesel exhaust fluid. There's no diesel particulate filter for the 4700 series.

Transmission choices for the line depend on the option level you choose. The Classic series includes an 8x8 mechanical shuttle transmission. This is a basic open-station tractor that is suited for a range of livestock and small farm chores. The Deluxe edition comes with a 12x12 power shuttle transmission and features other key features including a wet clutch with foot pedal control; more work lights; a tilt steering wheel and other enhanced features.


The cab version of the 4700 will come into the market later in 2016, for now this machine is only available in an open station design.

There's one common feature for both the Classic and Deluxe line - Trelleborg radial tires. Those tires are standard across the line, no matter what market these tractors are sold into.

The 4700 series is also a heavier tractor than most competitors in the same size. These machines weigh in at greater than 7,000 pounds (when spec'd with four-wheel drive), which gives them the heft they need to move bales and do other high-strength chores around the farm. "These tractors have higher 3-point lift capacities," Morris says.

Loader options including the 931 that is non-self-leveling and the 936 with mechanical self-leveling. These loaders are already in the line, which lowers the need for dealers to stock a new loader, and their performance figures are well know.

Marketing worldwide

The 4700 is already entering some markets where emission standards are different than the U.S. Here, the machines are just arriving, and for now they have no cabs, but as a global tractor, open station was the starting point.

And that global focus is key. Massey Ferguson will be selling this basic tractor, with market specific changes (which are nearly undetectable) around the world. The machines are built in a totally new factory Agco fired up in China, and this will serve all markets. For the U.S. tractors will enter the country in Tacoma, Wash.; Houston, Texas; and Baltimore, Md. These are all key points of entry for global goods.

"There's some light assembly, like loader configurations, we do when they arrive, then the tractors move to our dealers," Morris says.

This class of tractor, the basic and deluxe, workhorse builds on a Massey Ferguson heritage Morris says harkens back to the 300 series. "We're building on that with this series," Morris says.

Prices for the new 4700 series range from about $35,000 to just over $50,000 for the 100 hp 4710 Deluxe.

The 5700 series will include two models at 100 and 110 engine hp. The overlap with the top end 4710 involves the fact that the 5700 will have a larger frame. The 6700 series will have three models at 110, 120 and 130 engine hp. We'll keep you posted. You can learn more at

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