Hydraulic repair kit keeps equipment moving

Hydraulic repair kit keeps equipment moving

New in-field repair kit from Nitta Corporation of America uses innovative design for DIY hydraulic fixes.

Nothing like a super day for planting and the start of a big freshly ready field, it's one of the joys of farming. Of course, that joy can dissipate pretty fast when a hydraulic hose breaks and you're down for a couple hours waiting for someone to come get you repaired and back in the field.

The folks at Nitta Corporation of America have come up with a solution. The Quick Fix on-site hydraulic hose kit has everything you need to make a quick repair and get moving again. Included in the kit is a length of hose, a range of fittings, a cutter and a die for holding pieces during the repair process.

All the tools you need for fixing a hydraulic hose break are offered in the new Quick Fix on-site hydraulic hose kit from Nitta Corporation of America.

The company offers both a 1/2-inch kit and a 3/8-inch kit. The thermoplastic hose in each is high-strength and high durability, which makes it suited for most ag applications.

During the National Farm Machinery Show, the company demonstrated how easy it was to make a new hose to replace one that broke in the field. The fitting design allows for a quick, tight seal with no more special tools than a cutting tie that keeps the hose straight while you insert the fitting. Cost for the 1/2-inch kit is $340; and for the 3/8-inch kit the cost is $288. Learn more at quickfixhosekit.com.

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