Hesston Offers New Disc Mower

Hesston Offers New Disc Mower

10-foot side-pull model is designed for heavy hay and conditioning.

Featuring steel-on-steel herringbone conditioners, the new Hesston 1363 10-foot side-pull disc mower is designed for making high quality hay in heavy forage crops on rough ground.

The 1363 features one of the strongest cutterbars available—the RazorBar—and powers that bar with cast iron spur gears. The mower also has the ability to crimp hay in its conditioner section to preserve forage quality by reducing lost leaves and protein. The conditioner cracks the stems every 2-3 inches to allow quick drydown with minimal leaf damage. Rubber conditioner rollers are available for producers who need a crushing action on their hay.

Hesston's new 1363 side-pull disc mower is designed to handle heavy hay while conditioning it with steel rollers for optimum quality.

The 1363 is built on a strong overhead frame that provides header lift of up to 20 inches over headland windrows for easy guiding and clearance of obstacles.

For more information, contact a Hesston or Massey-Ferguson dealer.

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