Going big with material spreader

Going big with material spreader

Stoltzfus rolls out giant 700-cubic-foot hopper spreader, boasting industry's largest.

When it comes to moving fertilizer onto a field, capacity can be important. And Stoltzfus, a Pennsylvania ag equipment maker, is supporting that idea with a new 700-cubic-foot hopper spreader it claims is 70 cubic feet larger than any comparable equipment on the market.

This new 700 cubic-foot spinner spreader offers industry-leading capacity. Bernard Hershberger, president, Stotzfus Spreaders, stands with the machine to offer some perspective.

The high-capacity spreader holds up to 20 tons of material and can handle a range of products - even low density materials including poultry litter, beet lime, fertilizer blends and potash. The BMS-202XL was rolled out this week and joins the company's 400 cubic foot BMS 2020 to provide larger farms the "high capacity needed for less reloading and more spread time in the field," says Bernard Hershberger, owner and president of Stoltzfus Spreaders. "It's the biggest, toughest spinner spreader on the market, with the versatility for precision distribution of low density materials, the ruggedness to handle wet lime and the perform reliably for decades."

The BMS 2020XL has a steep 53-degree hopper, 30-inch slat style drag chain and drop fan design that prevents bridging, enabling consistent material flow. A pair of twin-pinion, hydraulically driven gearboxes and a hardened carbon steel driveshaft double the power to break out loads and stop binding caused by extreme weights and varying materials.

The design includes a fully welded walking beam suspension with a structural steel tubular frame to handle those 20-ton loads. Two 24-inch spinners are top driven, isolating the drives from the corrosive chemicals and the shock of material pounding on the disks.

Price for the BMS 2020XL is $60,900 and offers a full list of opotions, including a roll-top tarp, variable rate ready package, corner pockets for sideboards, shredder, 304 stainless steel hopper and a low-rate fertilizer kit.

To learn more call 610-286-5146 or visit stoltfusspreaders.com.

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