Five earn 2015 Beef Quality Assurance awards

Five earn 2015 Beef Quality Assurance awards

Beef Quality Assurance recognizes three producers, one marker and an educator for outstanding involvement in BQA

This week, three producers were honored with the checkoff's annual national Beef Quality Assurance award and Dairy Beef Quality Assurance award, which were created to recognize outstanding beef and dairy producers who incorporate BQA principles on their farms.

In addition, one individual was recognized with the BQA Marketer Award, and one individual received the BQA Educator of the Year Award.

2015 Beef Quality Assurance award winners were:

BQA Cow Calf Award: Ira and Kim Brackett, Brackett Ranches from Castleford, Idaho

BQA Feed yard Award: Bill and Nancy Couser, Couser Cattle Company, Nevada, Iowa

Ira Brackett and family of Brackett Ranches, Castleford, Idaho, earned the BQA Cow Calf Award.

BQA Dairy Award: Tim and Maria Forry and Chad and George Hurst, Oregon Dairy Farm, Lititz, Pa.

BQA Marketer Award: Joe Wright, Corey Rozenboom, Jeff Ewing & Bub Hoskins, Knoxville Regional Livestock Market, Knoxville, Iowa

BQA Educator of the Year Award: Dr. Dan Thomson, The Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University

"Our 2015 award winners are exemplary models for promoting beef as a quality product from the local to the national level," says Josh White, executive director of producer education, who coordinates the national BQA efforts. They are working diligently to implement the newest, safest, most efficient animal health, handling, daily management and record-keeping practices."

Sharing the words of one nominator, White said integrity, honesty, hard work, and a sense of producing a quality product is what drives them all to be successful in this industry and create a sustainable operation for the next generation.

Watch videos for each BQA award winner on the BQA YouTube page.

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