Consumer influence discussion dominates Animal Ag Summit

Consumer influence discussion dominates Animal Ag Summit

2015 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit kicks off in Kansas City

Jeff Fromm, millennial marketing expert, wants to know: "What are the anxieties consumers have about food?"

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From, speaking at the 2015 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit on Wednesday, also wanted to know how animal agriculture is addressing those anxieties.

The Kasnas City, Mo., Summit, which continues through Thursday, May 7, is themed "The Journey to Extraordinary."

2015 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit kicks off in Kansas City

Sessions are focused on exploring animal agriculture's continuous efforts to embrace new technologies that will help feed a growing population while measuring sustainability, engage consumers in innovative ways to bridge the knowledge gap, and highlight initiatives that demonstrate agriculture's commitment to transparency.

Fromm addressed the audience Wednesday about how companies and organizations can foster "brand love" among the millennial generation.

"Uniqueness, meaningfulness, innovation and authenticity are the four variables impacting brand loyalty for millennials," Fromm said. He went on to note that, to millennials, authenticity is gauged by transparency.

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Other speakers echoed Fromm's call for a focus on consumer needs, with National Geographic's Dennis Dimick giving an in-depth look at how the organization covers agricultural issues, particularly in the 2014 "Future of Food" series.

"We didn't want to just do a series for people in agriculture," Dimick said. "We're trying to reach the public who are interested in food."


Food, Dimick noted, is a crucial area of common ground that will help foster conversations about the future of agriculture. "Food is one of the key binding rituals of our civilization," he said.

Closing out the morning sessions was a panel on sustainability, titled "Fact, Fiction, the Future – Measuring Sustainability." Panelists included Roger Cady, global sustainability lead, Elanco, Paul Bredwell, vice president of environmental programs, U.S. Poultry and Egg Association and Brian Jones, responsible sourcing manager, Nestle North America.

Here's what others were saying on Twitter Wednesday during the Summit:

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