Catch new Beef Quality Assurance transportation symposium videos

Catch new Beef Quality Assurance transportation symposium videos

10 new videos detail proceedings of the 2015 BQA Transportation symposium

The National Beef Quality Assurance program has released a playlist of 10 new videos detailing the various presentations at the BQA Transportation Symposium, May 14-15 in Fort Collins, Colo.

The symposium speakers discussed various topics such as animal welfare while hauling, trailer safety and maintenance, hauling to and from packing and marketing facilities and helping first responders handle cattle transport accidents.

The videos include:

Transportation Symposium highlights with Bruce Feinberg, Animal Welfare at McDonald's

What was discussed at the BQA Transport Symposium

Trailer Tour
Tour of a large livestock hauling trailer and discussion of cattle extrication process in even of an accident

10 new videos detail proceedings of the 2015 BQA Transportation symposium (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Reducing Cattle Stress with Clyde Lane, University of Tennessee
Reducing cattle stress and the principles of proper stock trailer inspection and loading of cattle

Point of origin in transporting beef with Jason Ahola, CSU
Determining when and how to load cattle based on purpose and value; trailer condition and load size

Proper cattle transportation with Mike Seimens, Cargill
How industry is working on training and educating drivers and improving cattle transport and compliance

Cattle hauling in compromising situations with Jeff Johnson, Out West Livestock
Logistics of cattle hauling in compromising situations from severe weather to “downer” cattle and other emergencies

Cattle transportation with Karen Schwartzkopf Genswein, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Animal welfare while transporting beef cattle

Packing facilities and transportation with Lily Edwards Callaway, Animal Welfare at JBS
What packing facilities do and the regulations they follow when it comes to beef transportation

Beef cattle marketing and transportation with Larry Schnell, Livestock Marketing Exchange
Hauling cattle in and out of an auction facility

Understanding the Bovine Emergency Response Program with Lisa Pederson, North Dakota BQA
How first responders can handle cattle transport accidents

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