Beef Producers Value Safety, Effectiveness When Selecting Repro Vaccines

Beef Producers Value Safety, Effectiveness When Selecting Repro Vaccines

Zoetis ranks beef producer and veterinarian priorities when selecting reproductive vaccines

A nationwide survey of beef producers and veterinarians finds the most widely considered attributes when selecting a reproductive vaccine include abortion protection, safety and duration of immunity, Zoetis said Wednesday.

Of the surveyed producers and veterinarians, 100% ranked infectious bovine rhinotracheitis abortion protection, demonstrated safety and duration of immunity important considerations when selecting a vaccine.

Fetal protection against bovine viral diarrhea persistent infection was also important to producers, Zoetis noted.

Zoetis ranks beef producer and veterinarian priorities when selecting reproductive vaccines

Zoetis says it is helping producers ensure one of their top priorities – safety – is met through proper use outreach to make sure veterinarians and producers understand labels and administer products correctly.

"It's everyone's responsibility to ensure labels are understood and followed exactly," said Daniel Scruggs, DVM, Dipl. ACVP, Technical Services, Zoetis. "It's the responsibility of the veterinarian to understand the label and how it fits into a producer's production setup. It's the producer's responsibility to make sure they understand the label as well and to seek their veterinarian for clarification if they have questions. The Technical Services team also can help address customer questions."

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About 94% of survey participants also consider a recommendation by their veterinarian important when making a vaccine selection. Veterinarians not only can help producers select the right vaccine for their operation but also can help producers improve management issues that can undermine reproductive vaccine effectiveness before a complete program can be implemented.


"If a producer is experiencing pregnancy losses, dozens of factors must be considered," Dr. Scruggs said. "The veterinarian is indispensable for helping producers address underlying, preventable management problems to help realize the full benefits of a reproductive vaccine program.

"A veterinarian also can help decide which vaccine program is most appropriate for each producer based on the herd management philosophy and unique challenges specific to the operation," Scruggs said.

Producers have several options when selecting a Zoetis brand vaccine, including Bovi-Shield Gold FP, Cattlemaster Gold FP and Pregguard Gold FP.

"Only select reproductive vaccines offer demonstrated performance and flexibility to address varied herd management practices," Scruggs said. "This line of vaccines works for producers in all different management situations."

Visit Zoetis' Cattle Repro website to learn more about selecting vaccines that are the best fit for your operation.

Source: Zoetis

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