Alpharma Launches New Bovatec Delivery System for Pasture Cattle

Ionophore block unveiled at NCBA Annual Tradeshow.

At this week's annual NCBA Tradeshow, Alpharma Animal Health introduced a convenient way to provide ionophore supplementation to pasture cattle.  Called Bovatec 2.2, the new 44-pound block contains 2.2 grams/lb. of Bovatec (lasalocid).

"Bovatec is an ionophore feed additive that has demonstrated efficacy as a performance enhancer, improving the rate of gain in cattle," says Dr. Mark LaVorgna, Global Director Technical Services, Alpharma. "In pasture-grass diets, Bovatec enhances growth rates in most any type of pasture forage. Now, by offering it in a block, we are making it easier for producers to deliver Bovatec to their pasture cattle."

Bovatec can increase daily gains of pasture-fed cattle by as much as 0.12 to 0.18 lbs per head per day, allowing stockers to reach their full growth potential and replacement heifers to cycle, calve and reach full reproductive potential earlier.

"The block form of Bovatec 2.2 is compact and easy to handle, and allows managers to monitor consumption patterns in the field," notes Dr. Dale Blasi, Extension Specialist - Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management, Kansas State University.  "Delivering supplements to pasture cattle can be logistically challenging, particularly in extensive settings.  The salt content in Bovatec 2.2 encourages intake, and the convenience of the block saves time and labor." 

For assistance locating a local Bovatec 2.2 supplier, contact Alpharma at (800) 834-6470 or [email protected].

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