30 Meat Execs Appear in 'Amazing Meat' Video

30 Meat Execs Appear in 'Amazing Meat' Video

Meat production video is an effort by industry to improve transparency and connection with customers

Meat industry executives are lending their voices and faces to a new video aimed at increasing transparency in the meat production business and improving a connection with consumers.

The video, "Amazing Meat," offers facts and information on the affordability, safety and nutrition of meat, in addition to the industry's role in animal welfare, says the video's producer, the American Meat Institute.

The new video also includes a companion brochure, The Amazing Meat and Poultry Supply, available both online and in print.

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Meat production video is an effort by industry to improve transparency and connection with customers

"This video is the latest step in our ongoing efforts to show the consumers who we are, what we do and how we do it," said AMI Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Member Services Janet Riley. "We are happy in this video to show consumers the people behind the products."

Animal welfare expert Temple Grandin, Ph.D., professor of animal science at Colorado State University, joins the 30 executives in the video.

In recent years, AMI has developed a series of "Glass Walls" videos featuring Grandin, who guides and narrates tours in beef, pork and turkey processing plants to show how the animals are handled throughout processing.

Glass Walls videos also show sanitation in meat plants as well as how hamburgers and hot dogs are made.

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AMI also has debuted a grassroots effort, Communicators Advocating Meat and Poultry, to enlist those involved in meat and poultry production to communicate their stories in the community and through social media.

"Ninety-five percent of Americans eat meat and poultry and our products inspire love and devotion amongst consumers -- just look at bacon," Riley said. "We want people to know that they can feel confident that our products are safe, wholesome, nutritious and delicious and we are committed to sharing the facts with anyone who is interested."

"We also want them to understand that the people behind the products are real people, with families who consume the same meat and poultry products they do."

See the video below.

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