2015 Beef Safety Summit turns out more beef research

2015 Beef Safety Summit turns out more beef research

Government representatives, producers and research meet on beef production safety

Beef industry stakeholders last week wrapped up the annual Beef Industry Safety Summit in Dallas, Texas, coming away from the event with new research and ideas about helping the industry work together to address safety challenges.

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"We all come together under one mission, and that is to have open conversations and dialogue about the safety of our product, knowledge gaps and maybe some possibilities for future research," explained National Cattlemens Beef Association Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Kristina Butts.

Government representatives, producers and research meet on beef production safety. (USDA photo)

Butts said a variety of beef industry participants are involved in the summit and using its findings, from packers and processors to producers and even consumers.

"It's a great learning opportunity for all stakeholders," Butts said.

Government representatives were on hand at the safety summit to discuss vet medicine regulations and food safety. Researchers also presented newest study findings also, Butts said.

All of the research presented at the meeting is now posted on a new website, beefresearch.org. Butts said the site provides information about the safety of beef, nutrition of beef and different kinds of cuts of lean beef.

The research is peer-reviewed, Butts said. Some of the research is funded though grants, federal agencies or universities.

"Everyone plays a strong role in the safety of our beef products," Butts said, suggesting cow-calf producers, finishers, packers and even consumers are important to safety of the beef product.

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At the Summit, researchers and participants discussed ways to learn from each segment to improve other segments. She said the end goal was to find out what research or other needs each sector had and how to address those needs. Ultimately the goal is to share findings in a way that everyone can use them.

The beef industry has been tackling a lot of issues over the years, Butts said, so the Summit is another effort at finding answers to key beef safety questions and addressing knowledge gaps.

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