Welcome to our New Site!

Welcome to our New Site!

We've retooled BeefProducer.com to be easier to read while offering you the same great information.

Website design remains more art than science these days. And every site is different, however we felt it was high time we retooled BeefProducer.com to provide you a better user experience, so that's what you're looking at here.

The new sites offer a lot of benefits:

1 - you get a cleaner reading experience with fresh type and a new layout that should make it even more enjoyable to get the latest information.

2 - Key news and blogs are right at the top of the home page, just check out that green bar for those features you won't want to miss.

NEW LOOK, NEW FEATURES: Retooled website offers new functions, easier reading.

3 - And when you're reading a story it's easier than ever to comment or share that story on your own Facebook page or Twitter account. Comments in stories are welcomed and do help us improve and enhance our coverage.

So check out the new site, and spend some time getting to know us a little better in this new format. If you have questions or comments, send them to Alan Newport at [email protected]. We appreciate your feedback.

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