Vertical Mixer for the Cow/Calf Operator

The new VX single-auger mixer line from Roto-Mix is designed for the small-to-medium-size cow/calf operation.

The value of a high-quality total-mixed ration cannot be underestimated, but sometimes getting that job done in a small to mid-size farm or ranch isn't always easy. Roto-Mix comes to the rescue with its VX Series single auger mixers. Designed for the smaller to medium-sized dairy, cow/calf or heifer operation the aim is to provide an efficient mixer that offers top quality TMR for you feeding program.

The series includes three models - the VX-315 (300 cubic feet), VX-415 (400 cubic feet) and VX-515 (500 cubic feet), and all are under 100 inches tall. The low profile design means most any loader can get feed into the mixer - even skid-steers - without clearance concerns. The low-loading height and stable, low center of gravity design makes this a versatile machine line. You can choose between right or left side discharge models along with a bold-on conveyor option to allow easy bunk feeding. A flow regulator plate allows the operator to optimize flow inside the mixer. The single auger is powered by a low-maintenance, PTO-driven planetary gearbox.

And the machines feature a new design from Roto-Mix engineers - "wing kickers" at the bottom of the augers to force the last part of the ration out of the mixer for better cleanout. There are a range of options for this line as well. Get more information by calling (620) 225-1142 or by visiting

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