Vegas Strip Steak Premieres as Latest New Cut

Vegas Strip Steak Premieres as Latest New Cut

Meat scientist says 'last steak muscle in the beef carcass' provides great eating experience.

A new cut called the Vegas Strip Steak was presented in mid-August at the Protein Innovation Summit in Chicago, Illinois.

"The Vegas Strip Steak was well received by the audience," says Tony Mata, an independent meat scientist who has been involved in development of several new cuts in the last 20 years. "They tasted it, loved it and applauded"

The new steak is targeted for food service entities and unlikely to appear in grocery stores, says Jacob Nelson, value-added meat processing specialist for Oklahoma State University's Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center.

Despite similarities to the New York Strip, pricing of the Vegas Strip Steak is said to be competitive.

LEAN AND TASTY: Last new muscle cut has a 'gambler's' heart - the Las Vegas Strip Steak

The new cut resulted from collaboration between Mata, Nelson and Rick Gresh, chef at David Burke’s Primehouse at The James Hotel in Chicago.

Mata’s research in obscure and "off-the-path" muscles led to the find. "I failed on three other muscles before I stumbled upon this muscle," Mata says. "I decided the muscle looked intriguing as compared to the others I had not succeeded with."

With more than 30 years of beef carcass research and development, Mata approached Nelson and the FAPC with the possibility of a new beef carcass cut.

Mata adds, “This muscle produces a steak that is on par with or better than today’s most popular steaks.”

Currently, two suppliers are fabricating the cut and interested parties can be licensed to use it.

While the fabrication process was being perfected, Mata met with Gresh to verify performance in the kitchen while establishing plating, serving and menuing of the steak.

"From a culinary standpoint, Chef Gresh knows beef," Mata says. 

Nelson adds he believes this may be the last new steak discovered in the beef carcass and could have real implications in the industry. Unlike previous new-cut research, however, which was funded by the Beef Checkoff, this project was funded by Mata, FAPC and OSU.

Learn more about the Vegas Strip Steak here.

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