Square Feeder Saves Hay

Square Feeder Saves Hay

Design helps ranchers reduce hay costs by eliminating waste.

With an improved design, GoBob now guarantees 30% hay savings on its latest square bale Hay Conservers. The company also offers double bale, along with larger, stronger versions for bulls and horned cattle. New skid corners also allow them to be dragged almost anywhere.

The company says cattle stay in the Hay Conserver feeder so any hay torn loose or dropped from their mouths stays in the feeder, where they will eat it later rather than trample it.

GoBob's newest feeders guarantee that animals won't tear them up, are tested to hold over 15,000 pounds, and have up to a 10-year warranty.

For information call 877-851-2365 or visit www.gobobpipe.com.

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