New Program Analyzes Winter Feeding Options

New Program Analyzes Winter Feeding Options

Company offers program to compare your current winter supplement with complete ration.

A new, on-line computer program could help some beef producers decide whether to run more cows by adding a complete ration rather than supplement in winter.

New Program Analyzes Winter Feeding Options

The product comes from RCMR, Inc., manufacturer of the EZ Ration Hay Processor, a portable ration maker which can mount on truck beds or be pulled as a trailer.

That company's "Bottom Line Analyzer" is an on-line program which allows a producer to enter variables such as acres per cow, cost per acre, supplement feed costs, number of cows/calves, percentage of calving loss and calf price to arrive at gross profit figures.

The analysis will compare a winter-grass supplement program with one that includes the use of an EZ Ration Hay Processor. It calculates the benefits of blending hay feeds and shows how many more cows can be added without additional acreage, in addition to the difference in gross profit.

The Analyzer coordinates with the Feed Ration Calculator program on the site which has been popular with producers for years.
Company president R.C. Patterson says the new analyzer can help a cow/calf producer evaluate his current system and gross profit and compare it with the use of a blended-hay feeding program.

Patterson says many large operations have been feeding cows total rations through the winter months for years. However, it typically required a lot of equipment and man hours to do it efficiently; the reason only large operations could afford to do it. Yet he says the EZ Ration Processor eliminates equipment and man hours and makes it possible for smaller operations to feed total rations and increase cow numbers.

To use the program go to and select "Your Bottom Line Analyzer" from the menu. The web site can be accessed through smart phones and computers.

More information about EZ Ration hay processors is available on the company's website or by email
[email protected] or telephone (800) 242-9599.

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