Animal Welfare Coverage Hurts Beef

Animal Welfare Coverage Hurts Beef

Kansas report says media reports on animal welfare cuts demand for all meats.

A recent study by Kansas State University says the beef industry has been financially hurt, along with all the meat industry, by media attention to animal welfare.

The study estimated the effect of animal welfare information published by U.S. media sources on beef, pork, poultry and non-meat food demand of the typical U.S. consumer from 1982 through 2008.

The most direct effects of media attention were more associated with pork and poultry demand, researchers said.

But researchers said their study found increased media attention to animal welfare issued caused consumers to reallocate expenditures to non-meat food rather than reallocating expenditures to competing meat products.

Therefore, they found all three evaluated livestock and meat industries stand to lose if total meat expenditure is reduced when consumers get increasing amounts of media information regarding animal well-being and handling issues.

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