Angus Makes Its Mark on the Web

Angus Makes Its Mark on the Web

Consumer relations has grown at the American Angus Association with the addition of a Youtube channel, now past the million-views mark.

When the American Angus Associationbegan wondering how to connect with digital audiences four years ago, they decided to launch a YouTube Channel and begin developing Angus video content.

Now, the Angus YouTube Channel has reached a million Youtube views, and Eric Grant, director of communications and public relations, expects the channel to generate a half million views in 2012 alone, expanding at a 25% rate each year.

"The term 'media' has a much broader meaning than it did five to 10 years ago," Grant said. "The Angus breed is fortunate to have taken steps to move into a more online, interactive communications presence."

The American Angus Association Youtube channel is now past the million-views mark.

"Our audience wants information on demand, when it's convenient for them, not the other way around," Grant said. "Today, it is extremely important that we have information available online when consumers and ranchers want it."

The Angus videos provide a glimpse into what life is like on ranches throughout the country.

"We are extremely proud of the message our Angus videos are sending," says Bryce Schumann, Association chief executive officer. "The ability to appeal to both producers and consumers is something that will benefit the breed for years to come."

The Association's communications and public relations department also produces television content, including a weekly program, The Angus Report, which airs on RFD-TV.

However, the Association's flagship television program is I Am Angus, an hour-long documentary series that focuses on the industry's people, their heritage and why they chose to be involved in agriculture.

"The best public relations effort we can do is to let our farmers and ranchers tell their stories, in their own words, on their land," Grant says. "It is a genuine way for folks to connect with Angus breeders and understand what it means to make a living in the cattle business."

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